Poloniex Triumphs Over Recent Hack, Freezes Hacker’s Assets

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Poloniex team has successfully identified and frozen a portion of the assets associated with the recent hacker’s addresses. This proactive measure has proven instrumental in mitigating potential losses and fortifying the platform’s security.

In the aftermath of the security incident, the Poloniex team has restore and fortify the platform’s systems. The restoration process includes preserving relevant evidence to aid in ongoing investigations. Assurances have been made that in the coming days, the team will gradually resume deposits and withdrawals, ensuring a 100% secure environment for users.

Recognizing the potential inconvenience caused by the security incident, Poloniex extends sincere apologies to its users. The platform acknowledges the importance of user experience and is committed to minimizing disruptions during this challenging period.

Responding to queries about law enforcement involvement, Poloniex clarifies that they are actively collaborating with relevant authorities to ensure a thorough investigation. The cooperation aims to bring the perpetrators to justice and further strengthen the legal framework surrounding cryptocurrency security.


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