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Unprecedented Rally for Grayscale’s Solana Trust on November 10. Premium Rate Soars to 869%

Investors and crypto enthusiasts were in for a surprise on November 10 as the secondary market price of Grayscale’s Solana Trust (GSOL) experienced a staggering surge,reaching an all-time high of $202 per share. The day’s performance marked an extraordinary 146.34% increase, setting a new record for GSOL

Premium Rate Peaks at 869%, Reflecting Intense Investor Interest

In a remarkable turn of events, the premium rate of GSOL skyrocketed to an astonishing 869.29%. The premium rate, a measure of the difference between the trust’s price and the underlying Solana (SOL) price, highlighted the intense investor interest in Grayscale’s offerings.

While GSOL stole the spotlight, other assets in Grayscale’s portfolio also experienced significant premium rates. Grayscale MANA, for instance, boasted a premium rate of 308.06%, showcasing the broad spectrum of investor interest in various digital assets. Additionally, GLINK recorded a premium rate of 250%, further emphasizing the growing appeal of Grayscale’s diverse investment options.


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