FTX’s Bankruptcy Woes Escalate as Bybit Faces $953 Million Lawsuit

Bybit Accused of Pressuring FTX Employees in $953 Million Cash and Digital Asset Withdrawal

FTX’s bankruptcy advisers have filed a lawsuit against crypto exchange Bybit and two of its affiliates. The legal action seeks to recover approximately $953 million in cash and digital assets that were allegedly withdrawn from FTX just before it filed for Chapter 11 a year ago.

FTX, a once-prominent player in the crypto market, faced financial turmoil that led to its bankruptcy filing. The recent lawsuit claims that Bybit exerted undue pressure on FTX employees to fulfill its substantial withdrawal requests. This revelation adds a new layer of complexity to FTX’s already convoluted bankruptcy proceedings.

The lawsuit suggests that Bybit’s actions were a significant factor in exacerbating FTX’s financial troubles. The questionable tactics employed by Bybit in the withdrawal process have raised eyebrows within the crypto community. This legal battle could potentially unveil the inner workings of the crypto exchange industry, shedding light on the often opaque and contentious nature of these transactions.

The lawsuit also adds Bybit to the list of cryptocurrency exchanges facing scrutiny. While Bybit has grown in popularity in recent times, this legal battle could tarnish its reputation. The crypto community’s sentiments, as evidenced by online reactions, suggest a growing disillusionment with exchanges like Bybit, highlighting the broader trust issues within the industry.


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