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OpenAI Founder, Sam Altman, is reportedly in talks to raise $100 million in new funding for Worldcoin, a startup that plans to use eye scanning technology to create a global identification system. The Financial Times (FT) reported the news on May 14, 2023.

Worldcoin’s Vision for Global Identification

Worldcoin’s vision for a global identification system revolves around eye scanning technology. The startup aims to create a system that can scan people’s irises to identify them uniquely. According to Worldcoin’s website, the system will allow anyone to prove their identity without carrying identification cards or remembering passwords.

Worldcoin’s eye scanning technology uses a combination of biometric sensors, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology. The system captures an image of the person’s iris, which is then converted into a digital identity that can be stored on a blockchain. This digital identity can be used to access services that require proof of identity, such as opening bank accounts, voting in elections, and accessing government services.


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