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Altseason Explained: How to Identify and Navigate the Altcoin Market

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Cryptocurrency investors are always looking for the next big thing in the market, and one of the most anticipated events in the crypto world is the altseason. In this article, we will discuss what altseason is, how to spot it, and provide tips on how to take advantage of it.

What is Altseason?

Altseason is a term used to describe a period in the cryptocurrency market when altcoins, or alternative cryptocurrencies, experience a significant increase in value compared to Bitcoin. During this period, investors shift their focus from Bitcoin to altcoins, resulting in a surge in demand and price for altcoins.

How to Spot Altseason?

There are several indicators that can help investors spot altseason in the cryptocurrency market. Here are some of the most common ones:

Bitcoin Dominance

Bitcoin Dominance is a metric that measures the market capitalization of Bitcoin divided by the market capitalization of all altcoins combined. When Bitcoin outperforms altcoins, its dominance increases, and when altcoins outperform Bitcoin, its dominance decreases. A declining Bitcoin Dominance, along with rising altcoin market capitalization, is a sign of altseason.

Altcoin History

Analyzing the market capitalization of altcoins over time can indicate when turning points appear. When the market capitalization of altcoins increases significantly, it could be a sign of altseason.

Liquidation Levels

Experts examine Bitcoin’s liquidation levels for signs to determine when the altseason price rally could kick in. If Bitcoin’s liquidation levels are high, it could indicate that traders are moving their funds to altcoins, which could lead to an altseason.

Trade Volume

An increase in the 24-hour trade volume in different altcoins can fuel a bullish thesis for the alt season. Altcoin OI and trade volume are also important indicators to watch for.

Tips to Take Advantage of Altseason

Here are some tips to help investors take advantage of altseason:

Diversify Your Portfolio

Investors should diversify their portfolio by investing in a range of different altcoin projects for ultimate diversification. This includes presales, those that are new on the scene, and long-existing crypto assets.

Do Your Homework

Investors should do their homework, rather than just allocating funds to the first new crypto project they come across. This is especially the case in such a saturated and volatile market. To shorten this process and enable investors to make informed decisions, they can analyze the top altcoins to buy ahead of the next altcoin season.

Follow the Experts

Following experts in the cryptocurrency market can provide valuable insights into altseason. Experts have identified Ethereum, FTM, LUNA, ARB, MAGIC, and Ethereum Layer 2 as altcoins to watch during altseason.


Altseason is an exciting time for cryptocurrency investors, as it provides an opportunity to take advantage of the surge in demand and price for altcoins. By following the indicators and tips discussed in this article, investors can spot altseason and take advantage of it to diversify their portfolio and maximize their returns.


  1. What is Altseason?
    Altseason is a period in the cryptocurrency market when altcoins experience a significant increase in value compared to Bitcoin.
  2. How can investors spot altseason?
    Investors can spot altseason by looking at indicators such as Bitcoin dominance, altcoin history, liquidation levels, and trade volume.
  3. What are some tips for taking advantage of altseason?
    Investors can diversify their portfolio, do their homework, and follow experts in the cryptocurrency market to take advantage of altseason.

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