In a recent series of tweets, Pacman, the founder of Blur and Blast, took to Twitter to address the ongoing misunderstandings surrounding the platforms. Contrary to popular belief, Pacman emphasized that the income generated by Blast is not derived from a Ponzi scheme. Instead, he clarified that the revenue is sourced from partnerships with Lido and MakerDAO.

“There seems to be a lot of misinformation circulating about Blast. Let me set the record straight – we are not a Ponzi scheme. Our revenue comes from legitimate sources, primarily through collaborations with Lido and MakerDAO,” tweeted Pacman

Another point of confusion that Pacman sought to clarify was the alleged association between GTM and Paradigm. In his tweet, Pacman stated unequivocally that GTM has no connection whatsoever with Paradigm. This revelation aims to dispel any speculations linking the two entities.

Pacman further elaborated on the primary goal of Blur and Blast, highlighting their commitment to developing the on-chain economy. The focus, according to Pacman, is to achieve the highest possible Layer 2 (L2) income

Our vision is clear – we aim to contribute to the growth of the on-chain economy. By maximizing L2 income, we believe we can make a significant impact on the decentralized finance landscape, Pacman tweeted

Many have suggested that Lido offers similar services to Blast, but Pacman disagrees. He pointed out that Blast provides unique offerings not available with Lido. It’s crucial to examine these distinctions to gain a comprehensive understanding of each platform’s functionalities.

The Twitter thread initiated by Pacman also sparked diverse opinions among users. While some seem convinced by the clarifications, others remain skeptical.

On the other hand, there are still individuals who firmly believe that Blast operates as a Ponzi scheme. The challenge for Pacman and the Blur team is to navigate through these allegations and provide concrete evidence to refute such claims.