Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction: BCH Strives to Gain Support

bitcoin cash price prediction for today april 20 bch strives to get support

BCH is attempting to gain support around the $300 trading level, according to the daily chart. The 50-day SMA indication is higher than the 14-day SMA. They’re also near the $350 resistance level, demonstrating that the value-line remains a critical stumbling block for the market’s further upswings. The Stochastic Oscillators have tightened their southward crossing to a range of 20. They’re heading south around it, implying that the bearish swings aren’t going away anytime soon.

The Russian Central Bank has tightened its oversight of peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions.

The CBR (Central Bank of Russia) suggested that the commercial banks of the country should elevate the scrutiny of the consumers’ transfers that could target the implementation of the economic measures taken on the behalf of the CBR to tackle the external…
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facebook is being sued by an Australian regulator for publishing fraudulent cryptocurrency advertisements.

Meta, formerly Facebook, has been sued by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for “posting fraud adverts featuring renowned Australian public figures.” “The essence of our argument is that Meta is liable for these adverts that it posts on its platform,” the regulator stated