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Tether Allocates 15% of Net Operating Profit to Purchase Bitcoin

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Tether has announced its decision to allocate 15% of its realized net operating profit towards purchasing Bitcoin. This significant development comes as Tether continues to strengthen its position in the digital assets market. Previously, Tether had already amassed approximately $1.5 billion in Bitcoin reserves, constituting 1.8% of its total asset reserves

Tether, a stablecoin widely used in the cryptocurrency space, has become increasingly intertwined with Bitcoin over the years. By allocating a substantial portion of its realized net operating profit to purchase Bitcoin, Tether aims to not only diversify its asset portfolio but also capitalize on the potential growth of the leading digital currency. This decision reflects Tether’s confidence in Bitcoin as a valuable long-term investment

By actively increasing its Bitcoin holdings through the allocation of net operating profit, Tether is poised to significantly expand its cryptocurrency reserves. This move is expected to enhance the stability and liquidity of Tether and further solidify its position as a prominent player in the digital assets market.


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