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Phoenix Wallet, a prominent Bitcoin wallet tailored for Lightning Network payments, has announced its impending removal from US app stores, scheduled for May 3, 2024.

Upcoming Delisting: In a recent statement shared on social media platform Twitter, Phoenix Wallet informed users that it will cease to be available on US app stores starting May 3, 2024. The wallet’s developers strongly advise users based in the US to ensure their wallets are emptied before the delisting takes effect.

Background and Significance: Phoenix Wallet has been recognized as one of the leading Bitcoin wallets designed specifically for Lightning Network transactions. Its impending removal from US app stores raises questions about the future accessibility of Lightning Network-enabled wallets for users within the United States.

User Advisory: With the delisting date approaching, users of Phoenix Wallet residing in the US are urged to take proactive measures to safeguard their assets. This includes transferring any remaining funds to alternative wallets or platforms to avoid potential disruptions in accessibility and functionality.

As Phoenix Wallet prepares for its removal from US app stores, the crypto community awaits further developments and insights into the implications of this decision. The delisting serves as a reminder of the evolving regulatory landscape and the need for crypto service providers to adapt and comply with regulatory requirements while maintaining user accessibility and security.


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