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NFT lending protocol NFTfi has revealed plans to initiate its much-anticipated airdrop, with applications set to open on April 30th, offering users an opportunity to claim tokens over a 41-day period.

Airdrop Announcement: In a recent announcement shared on social media platform Twitter, NFTfi disclosed that it would commence its airdrop application process on April 30th. The window for claiming tokens will remain open for 41 days, extending until June 10th, giving participants ample time to participate in the distribution.

Token Economics Unveiled: Alongside the airdrop announcement, NFTfi also provided insights into its token economics. The protocol will boast a total supply of 2 billion coins, with an estimated initial circulating supply of 220 million coins. Notably, approximately 84.5% of the tokens will be initially locked, with gradual unlocking scheduled over a four-year period.

NFTfi: Empowering NFT Holders: NFTfi stands as a pioneering liquidity protocol within the non-fungible token (NFT) space, empowering NFT holders to leverage their digital assets as collateral for borrowing cryptocurrency. By facilitating lending and borrowing activities within the NFT ecosystem, NFTfi plays a pivotal role in enhancing liquidity and expanding financial opportunities for NFT enthusiasts.

The announcement of NFTfi’s airdrop and token economics has sparked enthusiasm within the cryptocurrency community, with many eagerly anticipating the commencement of the application process. Aspiring participants are gearing up to seize the opportunity to claim tokens and potentially become early stakeholders in the burgeoning NFTfi ecosystem

With the upcoming launch of its airdrop and the unveiling of its token economics, NFTfi continues to make significant strides towards realizing its vision of democratizing access to liquidity within the NFT space. As the platform moves forward with its distribution efforts, all eyes are on NFTfi as it navigates the evolving landscape of decentralized finance and NFT markets.


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