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The RAM DAO, a decentralized platform on the EOS blockchain, has recently made headlines with its innovative approach to RAM leasing. Over the past seven months, the platform has witnessed an extraordinary increase in RAM prices, soaring over 5000%. To further promote RAM deposits and reward its community, RAMS DAO has launched an ambitious airdrop campaign, distributing 110,000 EOS.

The past seven months have seen a dramatic surge in RAM prices on the RAMS DAO platform. The value has skyrocketed by over 5000%, reflecting increased demand and a robust market for EOS RAM. This price adjustment has brought excitement and hope to investors, signaling strong growth potential within the EOS ecosystem

To incentivize RAM deposits and participation, RAMS DAO has initiated an airdrop of 110,000 EOS. This campaign aims to attract new users and reward existing ones, enhancing community engagement. Participants who stake RAM on the platform can earn BTC, making this a lucrative opportunity for those involved in the EOS and cryptocurrency markets.

RAMS DAO has set an ambitious target to collect 108GB of RAM, valued at approximately 140 million EOS. This collected RAM will be leased for the BTC second-layer network, exSat. By achieving this goal, RAMS DAO aims to support the scalability and efficiency of Bitcoin transactions, further integrating EOS into the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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