MakerDAO Reports Record Annualized Income of $95 Million

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MakerDAO, one of the leading decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) in the cryptocurrency space, has recently achieved a significant milestone. According to data from, MakerDAO’s annualized income has reached an impressive $95 million. This marks a record high since mid-February 2022, with a remarkable increase of 147% compared to the beginning of this year. The surge in income can be attributed to MakerDAO’s strategic use of the PSM USDC protocol, which involves the purchase of US Treasury bonds to generate interest income.

MakerDAO, a prominent decentralized autonomous organization operating on the Ethereum blockchain, has experienced a substantial boost in its annualized income. The figures provided by, a reliable source for MakerDAO-related data, reveal that the current annualized income stands at an impressive $95 million. This surge in income has surpassed all previous records, indicating the organization’s strong financial performance.

One of the key drivers behind MakerDAO’s financial success is its investment strategy, which involves utilizing the PSM USDC protocol. The PSM (Peg Stabilization Module) USDC allows MakerDAO to maintain the stability of its native stablecoin, DAI, by buying or selling USDC tokens. MakerDAO has utilized this protocol to purchase US Treasury bonds, thereby generating interest income from these government-backed securities.

The decision to invest in US Treasury bonds has proven to be a prudent choice for MakerDAO. These bonds are known for their stability and relatively low-risk nature. By allocating a portion of its funds to this investment, MakerDAO has been able to benefit from the interest payments provided by the US government. This strategy has not only boosted MakerDAO’s annualized income but has also helped the organization diversify its revenue streams.


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