KyberSwap Under Attack: $50M+ Exploited

KyberSwap has fallen victim to an ongoing attack, resulting in a staggering $50 million or more being exploited

The attack on KyberSwap has left no stone unturned, impacting various networks with Ethereum (ETH) and OP being the most severely affected. Users are being strongly urged to withdrawal their funds as a matter of urgency to safeguard their assets.

The unauthorized transfers of funds from the compromised wallets are being routed to a specific address: 0xc9b826bad20872eb29f9b1d8af4befe8460b50c6. This raises concerns about the extent of the breach and the potential impact on KyberSwap’s user base.

This breach has affected not only the Ethereum (ETH) network but also the OP network, with the total sum of exploited funds surpassing the $50 million mark.

The KyberSwap hack adds to the growing list of security incidents within the cryptocurrency space, raising questions about the overall robustness of decentralized platforms. Investors are now, more than ever, emphasizing the need for enhanced security measures and proactive strategies to mitigate the risks associated with DeFi investments.



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