KuCoin, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has taken a bold step to enhance the integrity of its platform by disqualifying certain projects deemed unfit for continued listing. This move is a strategic initiative to rid the exchange of projects that may pose risks or fail to meet the platform’s standards.

KuCoin exchange declared the disqualification of several projects, leading to the imminent removal of associated tokens from its platform. The affected projects include Kambria (KAT), Sakura (SKU), Don-key (KDON), LOCGame (LOCG), Sienna (WSIENNA), Inflation Hedging Coin (IHC), Position Exchange (POSI), TE-FOOD (TONE), Pika Protocol (PIKA), and Karura (KAR). The decision comes as part of KuCoin’s commitment to maintaining a clean and secure trading environment.

Each project facing disqualification undergoes a thorough evaluation process by KuCoin to assess its compliance with the exchange’s guidelines. Reasons for disqualification may include concerns about project viability, regulatory issues, or failure to meet the platform’s evolving standards.