Jack Dorsey Invests $6.2 Million in Global Bitcoin Mining Decentralization

Block CEO Leads Funding Round to Create Transparent, Non-Custodial Mining Pool

In a strategic move to decentralize Bitcoin mining globally, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Block, has spearheaded a $6.2 million investment in the OCEAN initiative. This groundbreaking project aims to establish a transparent and non-custodial mining pool, fostering greater resilience and decentralization within the Bitcoin network.

Key Highlights:

  • Transparent Decentralization: OCEAN stands out as a pioneering initiative designed to bring transparency to the decentralized world of Bitcoin mining. The project envisions a mining pool that directly receives block rewards from the Bitcoin network, enhancing transparency in the distribution process
  • Funding Boost: Jack Dorsey’s leadership in the $6.2 million investment round underscores the commitment to OCEAN’s mission. This significant funding was unveiled at the Future of Bitcoin Mining Conference, signaling a strategic push towards reshaping the landscape of Bitcoin mining globally


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