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Heco Cross-Chain Bridge has fallen victim to a hacker attack, causing temporary disruptions in services. The attack specifically targeted HTX’s hot wallet, leading to the suspension of deposits and withdrawals. HTX, however, assures its community that all funds are secure, and they are committed to providing full compensation for the losses incurred.

Hacker Targets HTX’s Hot Wallet, Deposits, and Withdrawals Temporarily Suspended

The incident raises concerns within the community, with many questioning the motives behind the attack. As investigations are underway to identify the cause and culprits, HTX emphasizes the security of all funds and urges the community to remain calm.

The attack on Heco Cross-Chain Bridge comes in the wake of other security breaches, notably the recent incident with Poloniex. The community expresses concern over this unfortunate series of events, questioning the vulnerability of various platforms in the face of persistent threats.

Amid the chaos, community members voice their concerns about the repeated exploits and raise questions about the possible involvement of individuals close to the affected platforms.


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