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Ethena’s income reporting have raised eyebrows and sparked concerns among investors and analysts alike.

Ethena, recently found itself in the spotlight after data websites disclosed conflicting information regarding its recent income. While some platforms reported negative profits for the week, Ethena officials swiftly responded, shedding light on the situation.

According to Ethena officials, the confusion stemmed from discrepancies in income distribution. Contrary to reports of negative profits, Ethena revealed that it had indeed generated significant income. Notably, $1.4 million was paid to sUSDe this week, indicating a healthy financial performance.

Moreover, Ethena reported an additional income of approximately $3 million. This surplus income is typically transferred to the insurance fund wallet every weekend. However, due to a delay in the transfer process this week, the funds remained untransferred at the time of data compilation.

The delay in transferring the surplus income led to variations in reported figures across different data platforms. Ethena’s team promptly took action, initiating communication with prominent data websites like DeFiLlama to rectify the discrepancies.


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