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As the world of cryptocurrency continues to make its mark, an unanticipated alliance is proposed by a tech guru. Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, proposes an intriguing challenge – if McDonald’s accepts Dogecoin as a payment method, he will gobble down a Happy Meal live on TV.

Elon’s Dogecoin Bet: A Happy Meal on TV

The eccentric billionaire, known for his playful antics, has been a proactive supporter and promoter of cryptocurrencies. Currently, his focus has pivoted towards Dogecoin, a digital currency that started as a meme but has steadily gained recognition in the crypto market. Musk recently made a bold statement that brings McDonald’s into the mix. If they were to accept Dogecoin as an official payment method, he would eat a Happy on air, creating an entertaining prospect for crypto enthusiasts and fast-food lovers alike.

As global interest in cryptocurrencies continues to surge, this bold proposal might not be as far-fetched as it initially seems. If nothing else, it has certainly sparked conversation and curiosity in the potential capabilities and flexibility of cryptocurrencies. The ball is now in McDonald’s court, sparking intrigue and anticipation. As Musk’s tweet gains traction, the world watches eagerly for the fast-food giant’s response.


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