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DeFi developers are expressing their frustration with Uniswap, the top decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, after it implemented a Business Source License (BSL) for its latest release. The move prevents other developers from using the code for four years, which has sparked concerns within the DeFi community. Many developers argue that Uniswap’s v4 version features similarities to rival protocols that had previously released their code as open source, allowing anyone to use it freely.

The Implementation of the Business Source License

Uniswap’s decision to gate the code behind a Business Source License has raised questions about its commitment to open source development. Critics believe that the move contradicts the principles of the open source community and could be seen as effectively proprietary. The Business Source License (BSL) is a tool that protocols may employ to limit the use of their code, departing from the traditional open source approach.

Uniswap Defends Its Position

Supporters of Uniswap argue that the project has not engaged in code plagiarism but rather made similar design choices to other protocols. Defending the use of the Business Source License, they claim it serves as a means to protect the significant efforts put into the project. While some developers in the DeFi community sympathize with Uniswap’s decision, others believe that full open sourcing of the code would benefit the industry as a whole.



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