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Chinese Police Define Assistance to Crypto Exchanges as Illegal, Threaten Prison Sentences

local police in China are warning individuals against aiding cryptocurrency exchanges in expanding their user base. Reports indicate that community members who assist in facilitating the growth of crypto exchanges are being equated to accomplices in opening illegal casinos.

Defining Illegal Activities: Chinese authorities have categorized the act of helping crypto exchanges attract users as participating in unlawful behavior. They instruct community members involved in such activities to refund any commission fees received and could face the possibility of prison sentences.

Background and Context: China has maintained strict regulations on cryptocurrencies in recent years. While the country has not completely banned crypto activities, it has implemented stringent measures to control and monitor the industry. Past crackdowns by Chinese authorities have targeted various aspects of the crypto ecosystem, including trading platforms and mining operations.

Continued Regulatory Scrutiny: The latest move by local police underscores ongoing regulatory scrutiny faced by the cryptocurrency sector in China. Despite the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, authorities actively monitor and enforce regulations to curb activities deemed detrimental to financial stability and societal order.


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