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In a twist of events within the Cosmos blockchain community, founder Jae Kwon has taken a stand against the recent ATOM Halving vote, a decision that he opposed but ultimately passed. In response to this, Kwon has announced plans to fork Cosmos, introducing a new network called AtomOne.

This move, according to Kwon, is driven by the pursuit of enhanced decentralization and will see the network managed independently by a dedicated team. Let’s delve into the details of this unexpected development and its potential implications for the Cosmos ecosystem.

Taking matters into his own hands, Kwon’s decision to fork Cosmoshub4 is a strategic move to exert more influence over the development and management of the new network, AtomOne. This move signifies a divergence from the existing governance structure.

Jae Kwon’s recent revelation about his dissenting vote on the ATOM production reduction highlights the internal dynamics and challenges faced within the Cosmos community. Despite his objection, the decision to reduce ATOM production prevailed.

The forthcoming AtomOne network represents a departure from the current governance model of Cosmos. By forking Cosmoshub4, Jae Kwon aims to establish AtomOne as a separate entity with its own plan and development team,


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