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Blur Blend Emerges as Dominant Force in NFT Lending Market

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DappRadar has reported that Blur Blend has swiftly risen to prominence, capturing a staggering 82% of the total NFT lending volume since its launch just 22 days ago. With an impressive surge from 4,200 ETH to an astounding 169,900 ETH in loans, Blur Blend has dominated the sector, attracting an average of 306 users per day. This article delves into the meteoric rise of Blur Blend and highlights its top performer, Azuki, with 6,455 loans and a loan volume of 70,031 ETH.

blur nft lending market

Blur Blend NFT Lending

Since its inception, Blur Blend has disrupted the NFT lending market, captivating the attention of investors with its user-friendly interface, robust security measures, and competitive interest rates. According to DappRadar, a leading platform for tracking decentralized applications (dApps), Blur Blend’s total lending volume skyrocketed from 4,200 ETH to an astonishing 169,900 ETH within a mere 22 days.

The dominance of Blur Blend in the NFT lending space is exemplified by its overwhelming share of 82% in the overall lending volume.Among the myriad of users flocking to Blur Blend, Azuki stands out as the platform’s top performer. Azuki, an avid participant in the NFT lending ecosystem, has recorded an impressive 6,455 loans and a substantial loan volume of 70,031 ETH.

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