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SAMO Tokens Experience Volatile Fluctuations

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SAMO tokens, a recently faced extreme volatility following the appearance of a SAMO NFT on a prominent Chinese state television program. The incident created a stir within the crypto community, with many speculating about its potential impact on the market

The SAMO NFT feature gained attention when it was reposted by CZ. The NFT’s presence on the Chinese state television program, CCTV, initially sparked excitement among investors. However, the situation quickly took a different turn when CCTV deleted the related screen, raising questions about the NFT’s significance and potential repercussions.

One noteworthy aspect is that CCTV only deleted the QR code associated with the NFT, while the SAMO NFT itself remained intact. This development has been perceived positively by the SAMO community, as it suggests that the NFT’s exposure and potential impact on the token’s value may not be entirely lost.

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