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A developer made a substantial transaction involving the sale of $OKLG tokens. The transaction, valued at 50 ETH

The developer, identified by their Ethereum address 0xBBb0bB7EC7d45d1B22e6eC83ad329621fa4683754, executed a single transaction selling $OKLG tokens for 50 ETH

However, the situation escalated further when the same developer proceeded to remove liquidity associated with $OKLG tokens. In two separate transactions, liquidity worth an additional 4 ETH was withdrawn.

it was discovered that the funds obtained from the liquidity removal were transferred to another Ethereum address. The transfer, which took place after the incident

Given the importance of safeguarding digital assets in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies, experts emphasize the need for proactive measures to protect against potential risks, such as rug pulls


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