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Venus Protocol, the prominent lending protocol operating on BNBChain, has reportedly fallen victim to exploitation, as disclosed by @SlowMist_Team. Venus quickly issued a response to address the situation,

In a statement released in response to the allegations, Venus clarified that the exploitation did not affect the Venus Core Pool or its native token, XVS. The protocol reassured users that there were no underlying security issues within its core functionalities.

Venus Protocol attributed the incident to a short-term price glitch with Binance Oracle. According to Venus, a small isolated pool within the protocol experienced a BNB price issue. It is important to note that the team is actively working to resolve the matter and restore normalcy.

The glitch in question was specifically linked to Binance Oracle, an integral component of the Venus Protocol. Binance Oracle serves as a price feed mechanism, supplying real-time data for various assets within the protocol. The temporary disruption in this mechanism led to the isolated pool’s BNB price discrepancy.


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