U.K. Passes Economic Crime Bill to Seize and Freeze Crypto Used for Crime

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The U.K.’s Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill has successfully passed Parliament’s upper chamber, the House of Lords, marking a significant step forward in the country’s efforts to combat economic crimes involving cryptocurrency. This bill empowers law-enforcement agencies with the authority to seize and freeze digital assets connected to criminal activities. The measures outlined in the bill extend not only to cases related to traditional crimes but also to instances of terrorism financing. Furthermore, courts are now granted the ability to request the seizure of cryptocurrency, aiding in the identification and recovery of illegally acquired digital funds.

Enhancements to Combat Crypto-Related Crimes

To fortify its stance against criminal activities involving cryptocurrencies, the U.K. government made crucial amendments to the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill. These amendments ensure that the measures included in the legislation are applicable to cases involving terrorism financing. Additionally, provisions have been added to empower authorities in seizing property that can assist in the identification of cryptocurrency linked to criminal operations.

One of the key amendments involves granting courts the authority to request the seizure and freezing of cryptocurrency utilized for illicit purposes. This provision strengthens the legal framework and enables law enforcement to effectively target and neutralize criminal activities facilitated by digital currencies.

Path to Enactment

While the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill has successfully passed the House of Lords, it still requires agreement from both chambers before it can be signed into law. The bill’s progress indicates the determination of the U.K. government to tackle economic crimes involving cryptocurrencies. Once it receives approval from both chambers, it will be a significant milestone in the ongoing fight against crypto-enabled criminal activities.

Government Initiatives and Collaborative Efforts

Combating the criminal abuse of cryptocurrencies is a fundamental aspect of the U.K. government’s three-year economic crime agenda. Recognizing the need for specialized expertise, the government has introduced crypto tactical advisers who will be deployed to police departments across the nation. These experts will work alongside law enforcement agencies, aiding in the identification and seizure of digital assets tied to criminal operations.


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