$TURBOS and $SUIA Projects Witness Price Plunge

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Within the Sui Network, two prominent ecological projects, TURBOS and SUIA, have faced a significant drop in their token prices. This sudden decline has raised concerns among investors and exchanges.

who suspect that the official addresses associated with these projects may have sold their tokens during the listing phase, as suggested by on-chain data. The endorsement of both projects by Jump and Sui officials has further intensified the scrutiny surrounding the quality of Sui’s ecological initiatives.

Shortly after their launch, TURBOS, a promising project within the Sui Network, unlocked approximately 40% of its tokens. This move caught the attention of the community, as the sudden increase in circulating supply often leads to a decline in token value.


In response to the mounting concerns, TURBOS released a statement indicating their commitment to the community and their intention to refund users who participated in the Initial DEX Offering (IDO).


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