The Sandbox Launches 100M SAND Game Maker Fund

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The Sandbox recently hosted its first-ever Global Creators Day in Hong Kong, making significant announcements that promise to reshape the landscape of user-generated content (UGC). The platform revealed plans for open publishing and introduced the impressive 100M SAND Game Maker Fund, signaling a bold move to empower creators within its ecosystem.

One of the major highlights of The Sandbox’s Global Creators Day was the announcement of open publishing. This new feature aims to provide creators with a more streamlined and accessible way to share their content with the world. By enabling open publishing, The Sandbox is fostering an environment where creativity knows no bounds, allowing a diverse range of creators to showcase their talents on a global scale.

The 100M SAND Game Maker Fund: Fueling Innovation in the Metaverse

In a strategic move to further bolster its commitment to creators, The Sandbox unveiled the 100M SAND Game Maker Fund. This substantial fund is dedicated to supporting innovative projects within the platform’s ecosystem. Creators can apply for funding to bring their visions to life, marking a significant step towards a more collaborative and dynamic metaverse.

The Sandbox’s native cryptocurrency, the SAND token, will play a pivotal role in the new initiatives. Creators will be able to utilize SAND tokens for transactions within the platform, adding a layer of decentralization and security to the creator economy. This integration aims to provide creators with a fair and transparent way to monetize their creations.


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