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This once-vaunted hedge fund’s downfall sent ripples across the industry, leaving creditors scrambling for answers. If you’re one of those creditors, pay close attention: Notice is hereby given that any creditor of Three Arrows Capital, Ltd (in Liquidation) who has not provided notice of their claim, or has either not received confirmation of receipt of their claim or a letter adjudicating the same, is required on or before 21 June 2024 to send in writing particulars of their debt(s) or claim(s) to the joint liquidators at [email protected].

The Last Call for Three Arrows Capital Creditors

Understanding the Notice

In layman’s terms, this notice is a formal call to action. It’s the liquidators’ way of saying, “Hey, if we owe you money, now’s the time to let us know, officially and in writing.” This isn’t just a polite suggestion—it’s a legally binding request.

Why Is This Important?

  • Legal Deadline: The 21 June 2024 deadline is non-negotiable. Miss it, and you might forfeit your right to any repayment.
  • Formal Communication: Written particulars of your claim are essential. It’s not enough to have sent an email months ago or to have made a phone call. The liquidators need everything documented formally and sent to the designated email.
  • Confirmation and Adjudication: If you haven’t received a confirmation or a letter adjudicating your claim, this notice is especially pertinent. Your claim might not be on their radar yet.

The Fall of Three Arrows Capital

What Happened to 3AC?

Three Arrows Capital was once a leading name in the hedge fund industry, known for its high-stakes, high-reward strategies. However, a series of poor investment choices, coupled with a volatile market, led to its sudden downfall. The fund found itself unable to meet its obligations, triggering a cascade of financial woes that ended in liquidation.


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