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Kwon Do-hyung, known as Do Kwon – the founder of the cryptocurrency platform Terra Luna – will be extradite from Montenegro to the United States.

Montenegro’s top justice official, Justice Minister Andrej Milovic, has privately revealed plans to send Terra founder Do Kwon to the United States, bypassing South Korea for the impending criminal charges he faces. This decision comes after a Montenegro court granted approval for Kwon’s extradition, leaving the final call in the hands of Minister Milovic

Do Kwon’s legal challenges reached a pinnacle point with his arrest, following months of a transnational search. After Terra Luna’s dramatic collapse, which erased billions in market value, authorities across the globe have been piecing together the events that led to one of the most notorious downfalls in cryptocurrency history.

The Montenegro court’s approval of Do Kwon’s extradition marks a critical juncture, potentially leading to a high-profile trial in the United States.

The outcome of this legal saga is poised to set a precedent for how founders of decentralized financial platforms are held accountable in the international court of law, possibly foreshadowing more stringent regulations in the crypto sector.


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