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Solana developers have rolled out significant updates aimed at prioritizing traffic within their ecosystem. This move comes as the network grapples with increased transaction volumes, necessitating innovative solutions to ensure smooth operations.

With the surge in popularity and usage of the Solana blockchain, the network has encountered congestion issues, leading to delays and higher transaction fees. In response, Solana developers have been diligently working to implement congestion fixes and optimize network performance.

One of the key measures introduced by Solana developers is the SWQOS prioritization scheme. This scheme aims to prioritize transactions from staked validators classified as “good,” ensuring smoother processing for crucial network activities. By prioritizing traffic from reliable sources, Solana can effectively manage congestion and maintain optimal performance levels.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Solana developers have issued swift updates to address the ongoing congestion challenges. These updates include optimizations to network protocols and the implementation of innovative solutions to enhance scalability and throughput.


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