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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), David Hirsch, the Chief of the Crypto Asset and Cyber Unit in the Division of Enforcement, has announced his departure after nearly nine years with the agency. Hirsch’s exit marks the end of a notable tenure characterized by complex and challenging investigations in the evolving crypto space.

SEC's Chief of Crypto Asset Enforcement Division David Hirsch Steps Down

Hirsch’s Journey at the SEC

David Hirsch joined the SEC as a staff attorney in the Fort Worth Regional Office. Over the years, he ascended to lead the Crypto Asset and Cyber Unit, where he played a pivotal role in tackling intricate issues within the cryptocurrency sector. His leadership in the unit has been marked by historic work and significant enforcement actions that have shaped the regulatory landscape for digital assets.

Reflections on Tenure

In his LinkedIn post announcing his departure, Hirsch expressed pride in the accomplishments of his team and the collective efforts of his colleagues. He highlighted the collaborative nature of securities enforcement, emphasizing that every success was a result of teamwork and shared goals. Hirsch also extended his gratitude to mentors, leaders, colleagues, and partners across various state, federal, and international regulatory bodies.

Looking Forward

While Hirsch did not specify his next career move, he mentioned that he is excited about the next set of challenges and looks forward to sharing more about his future plans. In the interim, he plans to take a break and travel with his family before his son heads to college in the fall.

Impact on the Crypto Regulatory Landscape

Hirsch’s departure comes at a time when the regulation of cryptocurrencies is a hot topic in the financial world. His work at the SEC has been instrumental in establishing regulatory precedents and enforcement actions that continue to influence the market. The transition in leadership will be closely watched by industry stakeholders, given the increasing scrutiny and regulatory developments in the crypto sector.


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