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Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas reported a noteworthy engagement between the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Trading & Markets division and various exchanges. The SEC is actively involved in discussions related to spot bitcoin ETF 19b-4s, advising exchanges on specific amendments.

According to Eric Balchunas, the SEC has communicated its preference for cash creation rather than in-kind for spot bitcoin ETFs. This crucial insight into the SEC’s stance sheds light on the regulatory direction for these investment products. The regulatory body has urged exchanges to submit necessary amendments in the coming weeks.

The SEC’s engagement with exchanges regarding spot bitcoin ETFs is seen as a positive development within the cryptocurrency community. While not entirely unexpected, the proactive approach from the regulatory body indicates a willingness to navigate the complexities of the emerging digital asset landscape.

the latest engagements between the SEC and exchanges, mark significant milestones in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency investments. Investors, regulators, and enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting further developments as the industry navigates the path towards mainstream adoption and regulatory clarity


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