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In a significant announcement affecting wallet operators, exchanges, mining pools, dApp developers, and all users of the Ethereum Classic mainnet and Mordor testnet, the Ethercluster service is set to be discontinued by July 24, 2023. This change requires immediate action as users need to migrate their endpoints to ensure uninterrupted access to the Ethereum Classic network.

Transition from Ethercluster to Rivet: A Necessary Change

As previously announced in January of this year, the Ethereum Classic Cooperative has decided to change the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) URL for the Ethereum Classic mainnet from Ethercluster to Rivet. This transition aims to enhance the network’s infrastructure and provide a more reliable and robust service to the Ethereum Classic community.

Furthermore, in addition to the mainnet transition, the Ethercluster Mordor testnet endpoint will also be replaced by a new one. This change is part of the broader discontinuation of the Ethercluster brand. Users are urged to migrate their endpoints by July 24, 2023, to avoid any disruption in their operations.

New Endpoints: Ensuring Seamless Connectivity

To facilitate a smooth transition, the Ethereum Classic Cooperative has already activated the new endpoints, allowing users to migrate their operations without delay. The following are the new endpoints that should be used moving forward:

ETC Mainnet Endpoint: https://etc.rivet.link

Mordor Testnet Endpoint: https://rpc.mordor.etccooperative.org

By updating your configurations and directing your requests to the new endpoints, you can continue to access and utilize the Ethereum Classic mainnet and Mordor testnet seamlessly.

The Rationale for Choosing Rivet: A Professional Provider with Strong Support

The decision to transition from Ethercluster to Rivet was driven by several factors. Rivet is renowned as a professional provider that offers robust infrastructure and comprehensive support capabilities. By partnering with Rivet, the Ethereum Classic Cooperative aims to enhance the network’s reliability, security, and scalability.

By choosing Rivet as the new mainnet endpoint, Ethereum Classic users can expect improved performance, reduced latency, and enhanced overall network stability. The Ethereum Classic community can rely on Rivet to provide a seamless experience for their decentralized applications, transactions, and smart contracts.


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