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The PUFF project, the meme coin , has announced an exciting development for its community. PUFF holders are set to receive Methlab governance token airdrops soon, marking a significant event for those involved in the project.

Key Details

  • PUFF Chapter 4 Launch: The fourth chapter of the PUFF project has recently launched, including the exclusive purple potion. This has already seen a 60% increase in value within six hours.

  • Airdrop Eligibility: PUFF holders will qualify for the Methlab governance token airdrop. Specific details on the distribution process will be announced shortly.

  • Staking and Total Value Locked (TVL): The current TVL of Puff Penthouse, which includes staked mETH and PUFF, has reached an impressive $100 million. Methlab is positioned as the core DeFi product on the Mantle chain.

The distribution of Methlab governance tokens to PUFF holders is a strategic move to enhance engagement and reward the community. It also emphasizes the value of holding PUFF tokens, potentially driving further interest and investment in the project.

Feel free to ask more questions about this or any other developments in the crypto world! 🌟


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