Potential Phishing Exploits in the Blur’s Blend Protocol

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The Blur’s Blend Protocol, has been gaining popularity in the crypto community, recently introduced two new EIP712 messages: LoanOffer and SellOffer. While these messages enhance the functionality of the protocol, it’s important to be aware of potential phishing exploits associated with them.

@realScamSniffer has reported on phishing exploits with new update, The LoanOffer message in the ‘s Blend Protocol provides bad actors with an opportunity to construct a malicious loan offer, tempting unsuspecting users to lend their assets to a garbage NFT. If you unknowingly sign such an offer, you risk losing your valuable assets, such as Blur ETH, forever.

Similarly, the SellOffer message in the ‘s Blend Protocol can be exploited by malicious individuals. By creating a suspicious sell offer with an enticing price, bad actors can trick users into signing it without realizing the consequences. Once the offer is signed, the user will lose the NFT they lent, resulting in significant losses.

With the rise of phishing exploits, it is crucial for users to exercise caution and ensure they fully comprehend the implications of the messages they sign on defi platform


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