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Polygon Zero has accused zkSync’s Boojum of engaging in source code copy-pasting, including their Plonky2 proof system. Polygon Zero further claims that Boojum has been making misleading assertions, such as being over 10 times faster than Plonky2. Matter Labs, the team behind zkSync, has strongly denied these allegations, stating that the code in question was clearly attributed and sourced

The Polygon Zero and zkSync Conflict

Polygon, a prominent player in the blockchain space, made the accusations against zkSync’s Boojum on social media, sparking a heated debate among crypto enthusiasts and developers. The core of the dispute revolves around code similarities and performance claims, which could impact the reputation and adoption of the respective platforms.

The Polygon Zero team alleges that portions of their Plonky2 proof system were copied without proper attribution by zkSync’s Boojum. Plonky2 is a cryptographic proof system designed to enhance privacy and scalability within the Polygon ecosystem. Meanwhile, zkSync, operated by Matter Labs, focuses on improving the efficiency and scalability of Ethereum transactions through zero-knowledge rollups.

The contentious claim of being 10 times faster by Boojum also adds fuel to the fire, as speed and scalability are crucial factors for any blockchain network. Such bold statements can influence investors, developers, and users looking for high-performance solutions for their decentralized applications.

Matter Labs’ Defense

In response to the accusations, Matter Labs, the team behind zkSync and Boojum, issued a detailed statement defending their position. They emphasized that the code in question was indeed sourced and properly attributed to Polygon Zero’s Plonky2 proof system. According to Matter Labs, any similarities were unintentional and a result of both projects using similar underlying mathematical principles.

Furthermore, Matter Labs clarified that the claim of Boojum being 10 times faster than Plonky2 was not intended as a direct comparison between the two systems. Instead, it was meant to highlight the significant improvements Boojum brought to zkSync’s overall transaction processing speed compared to its previous versions.


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