PolyNetwork’s Alleged Hacking Spree and Unprecedented Asset Issuance

PolyNetwork, a premier interoperable protocol, finds itself under suspicion of being subjected to a hacking. Recent evidence has emerged pointing to the abnormal issue of enormous assets across multiple chains. Among these assets are a staggering 99,999,184 BNB and 10 billion BUSD on Metis, bringing attention to the scale of the potential breach.

Harvesting a Massive Number of SHIB

The Heco network has witnessed an astronomical number of SHIB tokens being issued, approximately 999.8127T. This unexpected and irregular occurrence is raising eyebrows within the crypto community, prompting serious questions about the network’s security.

Multiple Cryptocurrencies Issued on the Polygon Network

In yet another striking development, a series of irregular activities has unfolded on the Polygon platform. Specifically, 87,579,118 COW, 999,998,434 OOE, 636,643,868 STACK, 88,640,563 GM, and 2,175,053 03 tokens have been issued. This confluence of events on the popular Ethereum-scaling solution has cast serious doubt on PolyNetwork’s security protocols.

Avalanche and BSC Witnessing Similar Oddities

The abnormal asset issuance has not been limited to Heco and Polygon alone. Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) have also reported similar unusual statistics. Avalanche recorded the issuance of 89,383,712 GM, alongside a significant amount of other cryptocurrencies. Simultaneously, BSC saw the additional issuance of 8,882,911 METIS, 926,160,132 DOV, and a staggering 978,102,855 SLD.

Cryptocurrency Community Concerns

PolyNetwork’s dubious asset issuance across multiple chains has sent shockwaves through the digital asset community. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of robust and fool-proof security mechanisms within the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. Crypto communities worldwide are now anxiously awaiting PolyNetwork’s response to this potential security incident.


The enormity of the assets being issued raises serious concerns about the protocol’s vulnerability to hacking. It is imperative for PolyNetwork and the broader DeFi ecosystem to prioritize the development and implementation of robust security measures to safeguard against potential threats.


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