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Peter Schiff, a prominent personality in the finance realm and a vocal adversary of cryptocurrencies, recently found himself entangled in a deceitful scheme involving counterfeit gold coins on Twitter. Known for his staunch skepticism towards digital assets, Schiff surprisingly took a step into the world of blockchain technology by introducing an artistic NFT collection created through collaboration.

This collection is set to be auctioned on the Bitcoin network. However, in a twist of events, hackers exploited Schiff’s Twitter presence to promote what appears to be a fraudulent $GOLD coin scheme.

This incident has attracted significant attention, with news outlets and social media platforms extensively covering the matter. It is plausible that Schiff’s transition from a critic of cryptocurrencies to a proponent may have captured the attention of these hackers.

Exploitation of Schiff’s Twitter Presence

Unfortunately, Schiff’s foray into the world of NFTs was marred by a distressing incident involving hackers and a fraudulent $GOLD coin scheme. Hackers managed to exploit Schiff’s Twitter presence, gaining unauthorized access to his account. They used this platform to endorse what appeared to be an enticing investment opportunity involving $GOLD coins.

This scheme, however, turned out to be deceitful, with counterfeit gold coins being sold to unsuspecting victims. The hackers likely saw an opportunity to take advantage of Schiff’s transition from a critic to a proponent of cryptocurrencies, hoping to attract a larger audience through his influential platform.


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