PEPE Team Burns 6.9 Trillion PEPE Tokens Worth $6.76 Million

PEPE team executed a massive burn, totaling 6.9 trillion PEPE tokens, equivalent to a staggering $6.76 million. This strategic decision follows the team’s earlier move on 8/25, where they transferred 16 trillion PEPE tokens, valued at $15.08 million, to four different Centralized Exchanges (CEX)

As a result of the burn, the PEPE team’s address now holds 3.79 trillion PEPE tokens, with a market value of $3.72 million. Interestingly, within the span of 24 hours following this move, the value of PEPE experienced a remarkable surge of 31.5%

some predicting that if this trend continues, PEPE could emerge as the memecoin to outperform all others. Comparisons are being made to Shib’s impressive run, hinting at the possibility of PEPE reaching a substantial $5 billion market capitalization.


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