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Oracle Red Bull Racing, a renowned Formula 1 team, has recently announced a multi-year partnership with Sui development company Mysten Labs. This collaboration positions Sui as the official blockchain partner of the team, aiming to showcase the capabilities of web3 in facilitating human connections and immersive digital experiences for fans.

Unveiling the Partnership’s Objectives

The partnership between Oracle Red Bull Racing and Mysten Labs aims to leverage web3 technology to enhance fan experiences and foster deeper connections between fans and the team. With web3, which encompasses blockchain and decentralized technologies, the potential for interactive and personalized experiences becomes prominent. Through this collaboration, Oracle Red Bull Racing intends to explore the innovative possibilities offered by web3 in the world of motorsports.

The Decline of Sui Token and Community Concerns

Despite the exciting partnership announcement, the Sui token has experienced a significant decline in value, falling by over 23% in the past 30 days. This decline can be attributed to concerns regarding the quality of ecosystem projects associated with Sui and the delay in announcing the token unlocking schedule. The lack of clarity and transparency surrounding these issues has sparked criticism within the community.


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