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OKX Announces Listing of PulseChain $PLS

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OKX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announce the listing of PulseChain $PLS on its spot trading markets. PulseChain, a public blockchain project, aims to provide users with fast and cost-effective transactions. As a hard fork of Ethereum, PulseChain retains the complete history of Ethereum’s blockchain, including transactions, user accounts, and smart contracts.

$PLS Deposits Open: $PLS deposits will be available for users starting from 9:00 am UTC on May 23, 2023.

Spot Trading: Once the PLS token deposits meet the necessary requirements, OKX will list the PLS/USDT trading pair on its spot trading platform.

$PLS Withdrawals Open: PLS withdrawals will be open for users from 9:00 am UTC on May 26, 2023

PulseChain, founded by Richard Heart, the visionary behind HEX, is making waves in the cryptocurrency community. By leveraging the technological advancements of Ethereum, PulseChain offers a scalable and efficient blockchain network. The project seeks to address the challenges of high fees and slow transactions that have plagued the Ethereum ecosystem.

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