OKX and UniSat to Establish Bitcoin BRC-20 Industry Standard

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OKX, a leading digital assets trading platform, has announced its collaboration with UniSat to establish the Bitcoin BRC-20 industry standard. This collaboration is expected to be a significant milestone in the development of the cryptocurrency market, which will set a new standard for the industry.

OKX has been working on self-developed BRC20 ledger analysis and index library, which is a significant breakthrough in the digital assets market. The new standard will enable the exchange of BRC20 order liquidity with UniSat and is expected to provide a better trading experience to its users.

OKX and UniSat have been working closely to support double verification for the new industry standard. UniSat will be the market data supplier for OKX’s BRC20 market, which will help to provide accurate market information to traders. This will ensure the reliability of the market data and help traders make informed decisions.


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