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The NEAR Foundation, has joined forces with Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, to bolster the advancement of Web3 technology in Asia and the Middle East. This strategic partnership aims to provide the NEAR Foundation with unparalleled access to Alibaba Cloud’s extensive developer ecosystem, enabling them to attract a greater number of talented developers to harness the potential of the NEAR protocol.

One of the key benefits of this collaboration is that the NEAR will gain the ability to launch new NEAR validators effortlessly by leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s cutting-edge “plug-and-play” infrastructure-as-a-service platform. This infrastructure simplifies the process of setting up and maintaining validators, allowing developers and validators to focus more on building and scaling their applications rather than worrying about the underlying technical complexities.

The implications of this partnership are particularly significant for developers and validators operating in Asian markets. By harnessing the comprehensive infrastructure offered by Alibaba Cloud, they can accelerate the development and expansion of their applications on the NEAR protocol. This access to a robust cloud infrastructure will enable developers to scale their projects efficiently and deliver seamless user experiences.

Raymond Xiao, the head of international Web3 solutions at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, emphasized the importance of this partnership, highlighting their commitment to supporting Web3 developers in exploring new opportunities. Xiao stated, “We are excited to collaborate with the NEAR Foundation to further empower developers and validators in Asia and the Middle East. By combining NEAR’s innovative blockchain protocol with Alibaba Cloud’s vast ecosystem, we can unlock the true potential of Web3 technology in these rapidly evolving markets.”

The NEAR Foundation’s partnership with Alibaba Cloud underscores the growing recognition and adoption of blockchain technology across various industries. As the demand for decentralized applications continues to rise, alliances like these will play a crucial role in driving the growth and adoption of Web3 solutions in Asia and the Middle East. With their combined expertise and resources, the NEAR Foundation and Alibaba Cloud are poised to catalyze innovation and unlock new possibilities for developers and validators in these regions.


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