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MicroStrategy Could Potentially Join S&P 500, Boost Earnings by $3 Billion: Benchmark Analysis

A recent analysis by Benchmark suggests that MicroStrategy, the business intelligence firm heavily invested in Bitcoin, could see substantial growth in earnings and potentially join the prestigious S&P 500 index if it adopts new accounting standards.

Earnings Potential with New Accounting Rules

According to Benchmark, MicroStrategy stands to gain over $3 billion in earnings if it chooses to embrace updated accounting regulations. This significant earnings boost could propel the company’s financial performance to new heights.

Path to S&P 500 Inclusion

The report highlights that MicroStrategy’s adherence to the new accounting rules could pave the way for its inclusion in the S&P 500, a benchmark index widely regarded as a barometer of the US stock market. Joining the S&P 500 could further enhance the company’s visibility and investor confidence.

Share Price Target and Current Status

Benchmark’s analysis maintains a MicroStrategy share price target of $1,875, emphasizing the potential for substantial value appreciation. At present, MicroStrategy’s shares are trading at $1,265, indicating significant upside potential based on the projected target.

Implications for Investors

For investors in MicroStrategy, the prospect of the company’s inclusion in the S&P 500 and the anticipated earnings boost presents an enticing opportunity. The implementation of new accounting rules could unlock hidden value and drive shareholder returns.

Benchmark’s analysis underscores the transformative potential of MicroStrategy’s strategic decisions regarding accounting standards. With the possibility of joining the S&P 500 and the promise of significant earnings growth, MicroStrategy stands at a pivotal juncture poised for substantial value creation.


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