Ethereum Smart Contract Might Be on XRP Ledger Soon

Lido V2 Upgrade: Ethereum Withdrawals Now Live

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Lido V2 has recently launched, The most notable addition is the ability for Ethereum stakers to directly unstake their ETH through the Lido protocol. Lido Finance, with its 29% share of Ethereum depositors, has become a preferred choice for stakers due to its user-friendly interface and enhanced functionalities

Ethereum Withdrawals: The most prominent aspect of Lido V2 is the introduction of Ethereum withdrawals. Previously, stakers had to go through multiple steps to retrieve their ETH. With this upgrade, Lido users can now directly unstake their Ethereum tokens, simplifying the process and saving time

Bankrupt Celsius holds 400,000 stETH ($720M) via Lido Finance. They moved 428,000 stETH to the new address before Lido V2 launch.


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