Ledger Delays Key Recovery Feature Launch in Response to Community Backlash

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Hardware wallet provider Ledger has faced intense criticism from the crypto community regarding its key recovery feature. To address these concerns and prioritize the development of a robust and secure solution, Ledger has made the decision to delay the release of the highly anticipated feature. Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier expressed the company’s commitment to regaining the trust of the community in a letter to Ledger users, acknowledging the importance of reassessing their approach.

Postponing the Key Recovery Feature

Ledger has chosen to postpone the launch of the key recovery tool, known as Ledger Recover, until all necessary improvements and enhancements have been made. This decision showcases Ledger’s dedication to providing a reliable and secure solution for its users. By delaying the release, Ledger aims to ensure that the key recovery feature meets the highest standards of functionality and security[1].

Commitment to Transparency and Collaboration

In a bid to foster transparency and collaboration, Ledger plans to open source as much of their code as possible. They will begin with the core components of their operating system. By involving the crypto community in the development process, Ledger seeks external scrutiny and contribution, leading to a more secure and reliable key recovery feature. This collaborative approach ensures that the community can actively participate in shaping the feature’s development and security measures.

Addressing Community Concerns

The decision to delay the release of Ledger Recover comes in response to intense criticism faced by Ledger. During a Twitter Spaces session, Ledger’s chairman and CEO, Pascal Gauthier, personally addressed over 13,000 users. Gauthier expressed humility and described the experience as a valuable lesson in cooperation and community involvement. This direct interaction highlights Ledger’s commitment to engaging with the crypto community and addressing their concerns directly.

Pre-release Code Accessibility

In light of recent events, Ledger is placing a strong emphasis on ensuring that the code for the new feature is released to the public before its official launch. This proactive step aims to foster transparency and provide an opportunity for the crypto community to review the code and provide valuable feedback on the proposed solution. By involving the community in the review process, Ledger aims to gain further insights and build a more secure and reliable key recovery feature.


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