Judge Declares “Enough is Enough” in Celsius Chapter 11 Case

The Celsius Chapter 11 bankruptcy case, tensions have reached a boiling point as Judge Glenn strongly condemns Otis Davis, a key player in the proceedings. The judge asserts that Davis is attempting to “derail this case” and highlights his failure to adhere to the established court rules.

Amidst the legal battles, the timing of Bitcoin pricing emerges as a potential game-changer for all victims involved in the Celsius Chapter 11 case. The hope is that this may bring relief, putting an end to what some have perceived as collective punishment stemming from the actions of $CEL.

The courtroom drama intensifies as the settlement figures come under scrutiny. Initially, the proposed plan offered a meager $0.81, a proposition met with vehement opposition. Ultimately, the settlement was fixed at $0.20, a decision that stirred controversy, especially considering that Series A received no compensation for equity.

Otis Davis, a prominent figure in the Celsius Chapter 11 case, fought fiercely for a higher settlement, advocating for $0.25 without resorting to an Ad Hoc. This struggle led to extensive court proceedings, consuming considerable time and resources, including two expert witnesses, all at a great expense to those involved in the case.


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