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In a series of calculated cyber attacks, the notorious scam vendor known as Inferno Drainer has managed to swindle an estimated $5.9 million in assets from nearly 4,888 unsuspecting victims. Operating through a web of over 689 phishing websites, this multi-chain scam has gained notoriety for its audacious tactics and extensive reach

The first signs of Inferno Drainer’s nefarious activities were brought to light two weeks ago when a suspected member of the group made an appearance in Scam Sniffer’s Telegram group. This individual had links in their bio leading to Inferno’s official promotion channel. Thanks to the vigilant efforts of Scam Sniffer, a connection was established between the channel’s content and the on-chain theft cases that had been reported.

Through comprehensive analysis from scam sniffer , it was revealed that Inferno Drainer had been operating numerous malicious websites over the past two months. These websites were specifically designed to target more than 220 renowned brands.

To combat these types of scams, it is essential for users to exercise caution and remain vigilant. It is crucial to verify the authenticity of websites, double-check links, and never disclose sensitive information unless confident in the legitimacy of the platform


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