Hop Protocol Initiates HOP Airdrop Sybil Hunter Distribution

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Crypto News > Hop Protocol Initiates HOP Airdrop Sybil Hunter Distribution

Shane Fontaine, co-founder of Hop Protocol, has proposed the “HOP Airdrop Sybil Hunter Distribution.” The proposal has gained significant support, with a current rate of 99.46%. As part of this initiative, 869,566 HOP tokens will be distributed to 35 witch hunter addresses.

Hop DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, has relied on the dedication and efforts of witch hunters to secure and maintain nearly 3.5 million Hop tokens. These individuals have played a crucial role in safeguarding the project’s integrity.

The Sybil Hunter Distribution is a strategic move by Hop Protocol to acknowledge the indispensable contributions made by the witch hunters. By allocating a substantial number of HOP tokens to these dedicated individuals, Hop DAO aims to establish a sense of community and incentivize continued participation.

Hop Protocol’s decision to implement the Sybil Hunter Distribution is expected to have a positive impact on the project’s community dynamics. By recognizing and rewarding active participants, the initiative aims to foster a strong and engaged community, driving the growth and sustainability of Hop DAO.

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